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Ginger & LuLu's Pet Planet

Meet Ginger & LuLu

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--Meow! HOWDY! Aloha! HELLO! 

--We want to welcome you to our site!

--My name is Ginger and …

--Why do you get to introduce yourself first? My name is LuLu and I am a tabby. Ginger, the one that always decides she should be first, is my sister.

She is a tortoise shell. Anyway, we were born in North Texas and have resided in California for many years. We love it! The weather is great, the palms are nice, and the beaches are fantastic!

--Shhh! Lulu, we can’t talk about the beaches since “you know who” doesn’t know that we have been to the beaches.

--Oh, right. Well, we are well behaved cats and reside indoors. We go outdoors each day, but we are always on leashes. I guess our family is doing their best to keep us safe.

We wanted an informative website where pet lovers could visit, post stories about their pets, and submit a link if they choose. It is great that you stopped by and we hope that you will come again. Please let your friends know about our site. Well, I am glad we have agreed on something Ginger.

2006 Ginger & LuLu's Pet Planet
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This site is a member of WebRing.
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